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Is about trying to make known what dictators around the world, wether past or present, have done to either help or damage society. This website was created specificaly to educate people about these people. Sometimes we take life and freedom so forgranted that we forget the importance of working with our government to make sure the government does not have too much power, something that the nations in this website have failed to do.

Do not let people like this take power in your country, the people should never fear the governments that oversee them. Only through knowledge and communication will this world ever find peace. Do not take what you read here lightly.

And also as a general disclamier, some of the information you may find here could be considered rascist, fascist, moraly unjust, or any other label you may apply, but it is not meant to offend, just to enlighten.

"What luck for rulers that men do not think" - Adolf Hitler

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